A Hemp wick has a tremendous amount of advantages over butane lighters, and for any avid marijuana smoker it would be the best option to light your bowls. The wick is made from hemp diped in beeswax and is wrapped around a pack of Matches so that it can be easily lit. 



The hemp plant has many modern day uses, such as creating organic lotion, hemp seed food items (such as flour, bread, cookies, etc.), and even clothing! One majorly innovative product created from the hemp plant is hemp wick! Smokers across the world can agree hemp wick will surely change your life and the way you smoke your legal product. Hemp wick holds tremendous amount of advantages over traditional butane lighters for your health, cornering that bowl between your friends, conserving product, and so much more. Hemp wick is any smoker’s trustiest companion for smoke seshes.

100 Mixed Packs includes Display $99.00

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