P & E Industries

July 9, 2016

Dear Potential Investor,

We are writing to introduce ourselves and solicit interest in joining our exciting venture into an emerging industry that is poised for explosive growth. Following is a brief summary of what we intend to do, who we are, and hopefully the beginning of a dialogue that results in a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship between P&E Industries, Inc. and all potential stakeholders.

We will establish a leading position in the Cannabis Industry by developing a premiere line of cannabis oil-based products. We will penetrate a broad range of end-market segments seeking rapid growth. Our product line will be marketed to upper-echelon clientele as well as top-tier industrial and medical laboratories, R&D firms, and other emerging sources of revenue.  

Our initial and primary focus will be on acquiring the finest grade oil and oil by products. Our line will be simple and lean; however, we will design all business processes with scalability in mind allowing us to capitalize on a market in its infancy with impressive growth potential.

We will align with best-in-class cultivators and develop robust manufacturing processes and distribution methods. Our product will be pure, consistent, and lab-certified. Our reputation will reflect our constant attention to detail and provide the highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction. We will enable our success through proper preparation and execution of our plan. From the start, we will employ quality systems, process controls, and continual accounting, measurement, and monitoring of our operation.

Paul has been immersed in the industry for many years. His expertise covers a broad range of critical business processes and he has mastered the ability to engage at every level. His knowledge of products at every stage as well as marketing/branding expertise bring value. He will prospect, expand his network, seek out targets for engagement, and get us aligned with the options necessary to fulfill our expectations and drive product realization.

Ed has been in the High-Tech Manufacturing Industry for the past 17 years. He has a vast network of resources and has the ability to lead, manage, sell and market in all types of dynamic business environments. The ability to create infrastructure, develop the organization and manage a P&L are core competencies. Ed served 12 years as a diver on Submarines in the US Navy and has a BS in Management from Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School.

Paul and Ed have known each other for 20 years and have collaborated on several projects with great success. The combined network of resources and shared interest in the Cannabis Industry matched with core competencies of each individual forms the nucleus of a team with great potential. Our passion paired with our winning attitude is contagious. We are seeking immediate funding from investors that are willing to support us from launch through market penetration. We are open to considering different forms of participation and are excited to have the opportunity to speak to further details in the near future.  

Yours Truly,

P&E Industries, Inc.

Ed Porter 949.280.7642 - Paul Hastie 858.380.6580